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religion will come under al tackth if obama is reelected, this country is over! [ laughter ] >> jon: i'm not sure what happened. i thought -- i -- i blacked out in the middle of that and woke up with an ak -- whatever this is. i'm sure i'll get letters about what this really is. which is plastic is what it really is. [ laughter ] it brings us back to the more direct issue of guns. >> gun control doesn't work. >> jon: or not. [ laughter ] i keep forgetting what else? >> we have a mental health system in this country completely and totally collapsed. >> jon: okay, okay. again, 100%. thank you, wayne lapeeer far bringing this up. the mentally ill live on the streets and are in prison. it's up to us to help them find proactive care. this is what we have to address. >> we have no national database of these lunatics. >> jon: or that. or that. [ laughter ] i was going to say compassionate total care of mental illness or lunatic database. although isn't that what the internet is? isn't that a national database. what would be the criteria for the lunatic database? what would you say to get on i
. the article created but they were important and maybe more important would accept first lady michelle obama to serve my country again this time on the board of advisors and white house initiative -- that was then. everybody remembers that article. >> whether or not i gree agreed with the tone and fairness of the article, the simple elegance of command means to me i am responsible. a controversy brews that threatens the mission and i am responsible for it and i'm responsible for doing whatever is best for the nation. >> neil: did your men and women, were they critical of the president? >> it almost wouldn't matter because i accept responsibility for that controversy. i have moved on. >> neil: you voted for him in 2008. >> did you vote for 2012? >> i don't talk about it. i'm a private citizen. >> neil: do you think she good president? >> i think the job of president is a hard job. >> neil: in this region in the war on terror? >> one of the things i don't do is rate presidents. >> neil: who did you have a better relationship? >> i had a good relationship with both. i believe i still have a goo
weapons in the country. >>> another cabinet shake-up in the white house. president obama is expected to name chief of staff jack lou to be the next's next finance chief. the president may make it official by tomorrow. if approved, lou would be the second treasury secretary during his administration. he would replace timothy geithner. lou was a former budget director for president obama and president clinton. >>> for the second time in four decades, now new members will be inducted into major league baseball's hall of fame. among the players up for first ballot star-crossed giants slugger, of course, barry bonds. he only received 36% of the vote from the baseball writers association of america. cy young pitcher roger clemens got 38%. sammy sosa was denied. he only got 12%. all three players were linked to steroids during the storied careers. >>> more than just a sugar rush. still to come, the link between sweet drinks and depression. >> not only nobody came but nobody even bothered to call me. >> well, we have all been there waiting for hours fo
the country. >> frontline takes you inside obama's presidency. >> go to pbs.org/frontline for a closer look at the landscape f education reform in america. read adell cothorne's federal whistleblower suit and yesterday's announcement y the us department of education that it did not identify widespread cheating in respone to her complaint. and connect to the frontline community on facebook and twitter or tell us what you think at pbs.org/frontline. >> frontlinis made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. and by the corporation for public broadcasting. major support for frontline is provided by the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant and peaceful world. more information is available at macfound.org. additional funding is provided by the park foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issues. and by the frontline journalism fund, supporting investigative reporting and enterprise journalism. additional funding for this program is provided by: captioned by media access group a
in this country. >> it comes a week ahead of a deadline set by president obama who has called for meaningful action. rebecca cooper joins us from the newsroom. >> it was a meeting that was intended to redress all sides of the debate. reporters were invited inside the photograph the typical adversaries all sitting down together. the vice-president insisted his task force will be more than just an exercise in photo opportunities. the vice president said the newtown, connecticut tragedy awakened the conscience of america. >>
in the country. that's on guns. hitler equals stalin equals obama. that's what they're accused the guy because he's going to use executive action to get done. they're calling him a totalitarian. the sideshow is next. this is "hardball," the place for politics. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. with multiple lacerations to the wing and a fractured beak. surgery was successful, but he will be in a cast until it is fully healed, possibly several months. so, if the duck isn't able to work, how will he pay for his living expenses? aflac. like his rent and car payments? aflac. what about
.s. diplomats hope to have inked by november security agreement with afghanistan. sources say the obama administration may be willing to boost the number of troops it leaves in the country after 2014 if the karzai government will agree to confer immunity from the criminal prosecution on those troops. bret? >> bret: thank you. the first major prisoner swap at the syrian civil war is underway. 48 iranians held captive from august were freed by rebels. greeted at damascus hotel by iran ambassador. syrian government agreed to release 2,000 detainees. american officials say iran government is behind video and photographs of retired f.b.i. agent levinson who disappeared there in 2007. the "associated press" report the high quality of the images sent anonymously to his family two years ago led to the conclusion. iran denied any involvement. the administration begins a new gun control effort. we will talk about it with the fox all-stars when we come back. living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. help relieve the pai
last july. >>> a problem tonight for the country's new potential cia director. john brennan is president obama's pick to be the next head of the cia but senator lindsey graham is threatening to delay brennan's confirmation until he gets answers about the deadly assault in libya that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. the white house says the cia position is essential and needs to be filled without delay. >>> the san francisco board of supervisors has elected david chu president for a third term. the 42-year-old chu was reelected by his fellow supervisors in a unanimous vote. he appoints chairs, members of board committees and running the full board's regular meetings. each term is two years. >>> new at 6:00, the white house's top drug cop is no fan of san francisco's pot policies but cbs reporter jennifer mistrot says that didn't stop him from showing up at a courthouse to find out how the city deals with those who break the drug laws. >> reporter: president obama's drug czar was in town today on a learning mission. >> h
. >> welcome back to hannity. president obama's arrogance was on full display when he nominated chuck hagel to be the next defense secretary. while there are numerous reasons this would be disastrous move for the country one thing for certain, hagel is not a fan of our closest ally. after hearing about our commander-in-chief's controversial pick, emergency committee for israel released this ad. watch this. >> secretary of defense chuck hagel, president obama says he supports sanctions on iran. hagel voted against them. hagel voted against labeling iran's revolutionary guard a terrorist group. while president obama says all options are on the table for preventing a nuclear iran, president obama, for secretary of defense, chuck hagel is not a responsible option. >> sean: joining me now, a rising star in the republican party mo has already come out and voiced opposition to hagel's nomination. texas senator in the studio ted cruz, on your big victory. >> thank you, good to be here. >> sean: it's great to have you. what about his inability to name terrorist groups for what they are? >> it's real
clarkson will prime minister john -- january 21 on the west front of the u.s. capitol. president obama issued a statement saying the artists' music is the heart of the american story and speaks to folks across the country. >> still ahead we will continue to watch the story you are reporting the breaking news from new york city when a ferry, a commuter ferry had a hard-lining at a manhattan pier with 12 injured. first an electric fire and a fuel spill and an airline is reacting to the problems facing boeing's new dreamliner but, first, mission to north korea, a top google executive and former governor reveal what is behind their controversial visit to north korea. >> live on treasure island with new information in the investigation of an oil tanker that grazed the bridge on monday with two investigations underway and one1111111g >> abc7 news starts right now with like breaking news. >> breaking news is from new york city. you can see the gurneys and stretchers with people lying on them. a commuter ferry there in lower manhattan had a hard landing when it pulled into a pier and more than
. barack obama is very liberal. we need to go with the majority of the people in the country. and we have to break the cultural silence. >> jennifer: right. that's what we're going to talk about next with cenk uygur. christine thank you so much for coming inside "the war room." and all of the writing you are doing on this as well. rape is a big and underreported problem, as christine mentioned in subenville ohio two high school football players are going to go on trial next month for allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl last september. cenk uygur comes to was the latest. i know we're going to talk about what you are going to have on your show, but since you have been covering this particular case, rapes happen every day in america and they often get no press. why is this story garnering so much at attention. >> honestly because anonymous jumped into the fray here. >> jennifer: tell people who anonymous is. >> it's a group that works largely online and hide their identity and to some degree they are a vigilantly group, and they do do hacking from time to time, and in th
in late 2001 and soon cia was able to deploy them without need for military backup. president obama inherited the program from his predecessor but greatly expanded it. today the white house addressed claims from countries like afghanistan and pakistan who say the strikes have killed several hundred innocent civilians. >> we endeavor to reduce civilian casualties as much as possible. and i think that the broader record here of success in taking the fight to al qaeda is one that has made the united states safer. >> there have been at least six u.s. drone strikes conducted already this year, shep. >> shepard: james, the president and john brennan say the drone program is illegal. >> yes. and they have erected all kinds of elaborate legal justifications for carrying out the strikes. the goal of all of that lawyering was to shield the u.s. from challenges under international law. but civil liberty advocates don't buy that drones are used decisions against combatants. >> the use of drones may be more precise than bombardment, but that isn't the right question that we should be asking. the
you! we appreciate you. welcome home. >> president obama speaking to vietnam veterans last may. the president there reflecting on the fact that it took this country more than a decade to finally say welcome home to vietnam veterans after they came home from serving in that war. lack of respect and appreciation shown to vietnam veterans by civilians during the war and after that war is a mistake that the country i think now is fairly unified in trying not to repeat. but vietnam is not so far in the past, though, that you can just fix that problem by promising never to do it again and by promising to do it better the next time. we've got long and unpopular wars under way like we do now. it's also a contemporaneous sign of respect for vietnam service, that veterans of that war are holding positions of leadership, and that their combat experience is being heralded as part of what makes them qualified as leaders and trustworthy as public servants. it's not just about not making that mistake again. it's about trying to rectify that mistake that stands in the lives of these people who
. funding battles are brewing across the country as a number of states are thought to block planned parenthood from accessing funds. the obama administration has often stepped in, funding organization itself or withholding federal funding unless they reverse their decision. >> every time on the state level, the president steps in and says over my dead body. reporter: there is a legal battle where it the organization wants without will leave for women without essential health care. the texas health and human services commission has locked in more than enough doctors to treat the poor women who depend upon planned parenthood for family planning services and checkups. lou: shannon bream, fox news correspondent. the current staff for one of their final meetings. it will become the al jazeera network. financed by an oil giant, qatar. al gore earns 20% of the current stocks. as if he had some credibility to begin with. he is supposed to be the face of clean energy. he just sold the channel to very big oil. you will never have here, it appears. there is also a reported 100 million-dollar p
be a sensitive one in this country but one president obama has been talking about for several years, even before he was elected. >> we need fathers to recognize their responsibility doesn't just end at conception. that doesn't just make you a father. what makes you a man is not the ability to have a child. any fool can have a child. that doesn't make you a father. >> and once in the white house, the president launched a fatherhood pledge, asking men to renew their commitment to their families and communities. but a new reality show flies in the face of everything the president is promoting. it's called "all my babies' mamas" and features atlanta-based rapper shawty lowe, his 11 children and their 10 mothers. and now shawty lowe and his show are sparking outrage. joining me now is sa brabrina l author of the site worldofmoney.org. she's launched a petition to get this show canceled. sabrina, good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> so 30,000 people have signed your petition. what are they saying? what are you saying about this show? >> well, together with the diverse coalition from the parent tel
of the american model back in 2002, will sing my country, to is of the, the son with a different lyrics but the same tune as the british national anthem. as the first obama and not grow ceremony in 2009, sold at the low orbit the franklin sang get what we're in a memorable had. >> break the nils out of new york right now. officials state at 30 to 50 people were actually hurt in the nyse ferry crashed, including one critical with head injuries. mark will have more on this story in two minutes. >> some of the witnesses on board stated that when it hit the dock everyone that was standing ended up on the floor. there are being treated on the dock itself and some of them were taken to the hospital. we will be right back. whatever you're in the mood for, sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun. u-verse high speed internet.
them all. we will tell you what happened. >> do my best for our country. for those i represent at the pentagon and for all our citizens. >> is president obama nominating chuck hagel as secretary of defense in in order to cut funding to the military? charles krauthammer will weigh in on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. aborting babies at taxpayers expense that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. we have been taking a very hard look at a disturbing situation that may be a major violation, maybe of federal law. in 1976 congress passed the hyde amendment which forbids federal tax dollars for abortions. the reason is obvious. many americans believe abortion is morally wrong to. protect those americans, the feds said no to public funding of abortions. but now it looks like pro-choice zealots have figured out a way to get around the hyde amendment. they are using planned parenthood. here are the stats. 2001 planned parenthood received about 203 million taxpayer
in afghanistan over the next year. the "los angeles times" reports that the obama administration has not ruled out withdrawing all u.s. troops from afghanistan after 2014. there are right now 66,000 in the country and the pentagon is pushing if 9,000 in 2015 and others want 3,000 or fewer. >> coming up, a neighborhood squabble over wild turkeys. >> an invitation by facebook create as frenzy in tech circles. >> diet drinks promise to keep the pounds off, right, but research says there is another unintended >> a 5:53. holiday shoppers responded so well to a new pricing strategy they will keep it up. a new trend is to check out an item in a store and thing go back to the computer and buy it cheaper online. to beat it over the holidays target matched online prices and now it will continue that practice year round. target says if you see a price on a website for amazon or best buy or toys 'r us or walmart you can get the same rice in the target store. >> starting at the bolt only -- bottom for the worst films are out and "breaking dawn two" led with 11 nominations including worst picture and worse
and as the alleged mad man in the movie theater massacre stands trial, the obama white house is trying to find a way to stem gun violence. >> there is something that wakes up the conscious of the country. that tragic event did it in a way like nothing i have seen in my career. the president is going to act. there executive orders and action that can be taken. we have not decided what that is yet. >> that was vice president biden with eric holder and gun safety groups and victims of past shootings. he is tasked with finding common ground on proposals to curb gun violence. they will meet with owner, video game manufacturers, hollywood executives. parents, teachers and mental health groups and advocates and community leaders. this is the first time they publicly reached out to the nra. they will meet tomorrow, but don't expect wayne la pierre to be there. they are sending a representative in his place. biden will release a statement here with us for the first time in 2013, howard fineman, director of the "huffington post" media group. welcome back to the show. first of all -- we have got the news of th
, beyonce singing etta james' classic "at last" at the first inaugural ball of president obama. this year, she will be front and center again, performing the national anthem at the president's swearing in. kelly clarkson singing "my country 'tis of thee," james taylor will perform "america the beautiful." >>> a security camera at a chevy chase home captured a suspected thief looking for valuables. the jeep was parked outside a house on village park place over the new year's holiday. montgomery county police say the dproors unlocked. investigators report that 90% of thefts from vehicles are because they were not locked. >>> the governor's big transportation plan was high on the agenda for the legislative session today. julie carey found out emotions are already running high on an issue. >> i have seen some screw ready up bill -- screwed up bills in life, this takes the cake. >> reporter: that was the very blunt answer about the major transportation plan from governor mcdonnell. the plan to raise $3.2 billion over the next five years relies on scrapping the 17.5-cent gas tax on vehicles an
, they can grab up all the dollars, steer it into the houses in the country. they are defined by the whack jobs, they basically define conservativism as sort of an insurgents, basically means conservativism now is basically defined as i oppose obama and any and all compromise. the power is there because they're intim dating. >> and some are actually fundraising over their -- you know, their undermining of their open speaker, and raising money off that. so it is not just going against the democrats, it is going against their own party moving as far to the right as they possibly can, because that is where politically it makes sense for them to be. >> and your boy, chris christie, you are the senior new jersey political analyst, as our senior new jersey political analyst explains how long chris christie keeps this up? this attack on the republicans. >> let's see, november -- >> can he just get his hurricane sandy money and then stop talking about them? >> yeah, and i think that krystal has made this point, too, i think it is right. a big part of chris christie's thinking, he has to win re-ele
committee is set to announce that at the swearing-in ceremony for president obama and vice president biden, a fiancee will sing the national anthem. kelly -- beyonce will sing the national anthem. kelly clarkson will sing "my country 'tis of thee." james taylor will sing -- you can watch the swearing-in on c-span. a man accused of stealing a truck containing president obama's audio equipment is scheduled to plead guilty today. a 2005 ford van containing podiums and electronic equipment used by the president was going doss stolen from a hotel parking lot last october. and the band -- was stolen from a hotel parking lot last october and recovered the next day. it happened just ahead of a visit by obama to a richmond fire station where he promoted his jobs plan. vice president biden will meet with victims and gun safety organizations. the aim is to build consensus around proposals to curb gun violence following the horrific elementary school shooting in newtown, connecticut. tamara, the vice president meets with the national rifle association and other -- tomorrow, the vice president meets wi
in this country. rita williams, ktvu news. >>> more details on the gun control debate. the national gun association says that it will send representatives to those meetings. president obama set the vice president as head of the association against violence. >>> james holmes is the man accused of killing 12 people inside a movie theater. >> they are saying someone is shooting in the auditorium. >> reporter: the call from the theater in aurora lasted 27 seconds with the caller drowned out by the sounds of gunshots. 30 gunshots were heard in that one call alone. today an fbi agent took the stand and described a massive booby trap in the suspect's apartment. it included smokeless powder and live rounds. >>> mcclain wears number 55 he was pulled over for a window tint violation in decatur alabama. he lied about his identity and was arrested. mcclain was previously arrested for firing a gun right next to a man's face also in decature. >>> the parents of the debate group pflag died in her home. jeanne ma nford was a teacher turned activist after her son was beat to death during a demonstration
in the house and hopefully get a democratic majority for the last two years of the obama term. that may be a long term goal. he is a democrat obviously. jon: is that so say politics is more important than progress in the country? >> that is the crazy part. you know we don't talk about it. president's ratings are pretty good right now. congress's ratings are in the toilet but the thing is, that the american people do want people who govern, people who will do something in washington, especially when it comes to the economy. it is time to get something done. i think that is the overwhelming results we see see in poll numbers, yet both sides are positioning if they're involved in political campaigning. jon: that fiscal cliff thing was a pretty good example. >> oh, my goodness. jon: let's not get you started on that. thank you, juan. >> you're welcome, jon. jenna: right now we're following some new developments in the colorado movie massacre. prosecutors expected to finish with their last witness today in this preliminary hearing as they outline their case against accused mass murderer jame
to save american lives. >> thank you for what you're doing. >> john: coming up next, barack obama's trillion dollar coin. could it pay off george w. >> john: add a fresh face with an excellent haircut to the controversy over the war on drugs still being waged in this country, i'm not talking about me. i'm talking about the biebs justin bieber was photographed by tmz earlier this week holding what appears to be bluntly a blunt. this, of course, caused millions of believers and their moms to react in shock and outrage. not just because marijuana is completely evil and a gate would i to the eighth level of hell but because he's one of the only artists whose music doesn't sound better if you're totally baked. president obama who as a young man did not just say no before getting elected before his crackdown on marijuana has instructed the justice department not to pursue recreational users in the states of washington and colorado just like he wouldn't crack down on dispensaries in california. the costly futile war on drugs rages on and people are still being sent to prison for using
a default on the bills. what should the country do. ben stein joins us next with his answers and a weigh in on president obama's pick. rises hi. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and headache relief. >>> the 112th congress was the least productive congress ever. they fought about everything, the campaign, the fiscal cliff, you name it and now the 113th congress is drawing battle lines over president obama's cabinet picks. the grid lock seems endless. no stranger to this ben stein. he was a speech writer and lawyer for president richard nixon. he is a comedian and has his own game show. the list goes on and on. ben, first of all, comedian is the most important hat you wear when we talk about the economic situation in washington. this debt ceiling is so not
to be the country's next secretary of defense. a new york times op ed says that president obama's pick is part after move to decimate the military according to dave brooks. chuck hagel has been nominated to supervise the beginning of this generation-long process of defense cutbacks. if a democratic president is going to slash defense he probably wants a republican at pentagon to give him political cover, and he probably wants a decorated war hero to boot, very strong words from david brooks. let's bring in steve hayes writer at "weekly standard" and a fox news contributor. good morning, steve. >> good morning, martha. martha: the strongest in that is that he would supervise the military's decline. do you think so. >> i think there is evidence to support the remarks david brooks is saying. bill burton a former deputy white house secretary and a close adviser to the president, very in close with the obama inner circle say as much in an interest view. he said we want chuck hagel there to allow us to bring through what he called huge cuts to the military. so you've got somebody close to the president wh
. >> as you know twice in the last 20 years the country's tried to take, the government's tried to take a big step forward, under the clinton administration and then under the first year of the obama administration. and each time the senate killed it. >> yeah. but the key thing there is that each time both the clinton administration and the obama administration tried to do this it was essentially a top-down, inside the beltway strategy. we are going after and trying to cajole and convince and persuade the members of the senate and the house to pass this legislation without first engaging the broad public and building a citizens movement, a issue public as i talked about before that was actually demanding change. because in the end politicians care about their job. and if they don't feel like there's a political price to pay for opposing action on climate change or alternatively a political opportunity to be had by being a leader on this issue, it's very easy for them to say, "you know what? i've got a lot of other things here on my plate to deal with. i've got lots of lobbyists coming into my
you about the star-studded lineup set up to perform at president obama's swearing in ceremony. i'm in on the action. hey guys, who needs a brush? this is looking great. how you doing over there, buddy? i'm in on the action. all across the country, high school students... are joining forces with volunteers of america... and major league baseball players... to create action teams. action teams are a great way... to help people in your community who really need it. we want to inspire the next generation of volunteers. so start an action team at your school. and get in on the action. learn more at volunteersofamerica.org/ actionteam. >>> it will be another star studded inauguration for president obama, the second time around. beyonce will perform the star spangled barn. kelly clarkson will sing, and james taylor will perform "america the beautiful." it's also been announced that cuban-american richard blanco will be the 2013 inaugural poet. >>> three ground breakings and 15 years after it was first proposed, silver spring transit center is still a long way from actually opening. the
the moment. four years ago, president obama and the first lady had their first official dance by a live performance by beyons same the singer will perform again at the inauguration. this time, singing the national anthem. kelly clarkson singing "my country 'tis of thee," james taylor will perform "america the beautiful." >> we note men knew for the traditional lunch congress hosts inside the capitol after the president and vice president are sworn n the first course will be steamed lobster with new england clam chowder. the main course is hickory-grilled bison. the third course, apple pie with sour cream ice cream, aged cheese and honey. new york state wipes will be served with every course. the menu was created with the help of a catering company from arlington called design cuisine. >>> let's just stay calm. >> does the president know? >> the new nbc sitcom "1600 p n penn." in a matter of minutes, the president will host the cast and crew for a screening it follows the adventures of a fictional president and his wacky family. premiers at 9:30 on nbc four. >> pressure on the fake fami
troops from the country. afghan lawmakers say complete pullout would be a disaster and civil war would follow. president obama will meet with them on friday. beyoncÉ will sing the national anthem at president obama's inauguration. others include kelly clarkson, james taylor. that is your fox news minute. back to you. cheryl: thank you very much. according to new estimates, in 2,131,000,000,000 new smart phones were shipped worldwide taken a total to $2 billion. dennis: in one company looking to profit big from this. at the consumer electronics show, shibani joshi joins us now. >> every gadget and gizmo under the sunny to mention is here, but it is the engine and the brainpower of these tablets and smartphone devices that are really stealing the stage this year. qualcomm, the keynote speaker this year showing it is really the brains behind the beauty that enable everything that we know and would love to put the flash devices. i had opportunity to talk to him about what that means for consumer technology and perhaps if there is an area that he doesn't want to weigh in. >> now computing
've produced fiscal restraint in this country, the messy debate over the last debt ceiling. when president obama doesn't even talk about it any time the president comes to congress and asks for additional debt benefit on the backs of our children and grandchildren, we need to have the debate. it should go on and on and on until we resolve the issues. >> you are around for one hour and 40 minute with us this morning. >> a lot of people don't understand the details of the debt ceiling. but i do think we have to really understand like long-term and short-term implications. we will pick your brain all morning. nice to have you with us. we'll take a break. ahead, we'll talk about what espn is saying. an apology for what brent mussberger said. is that apology enough? back after this. >>> welcome back, everybody. you're watching "starting point", wisconsin senator ron johnson has agreed to be on our panel. and jen psaki, traveling secretary for president obama's re-election campaign. ryan lizza. long time, no see, man. how do we feel about this apology from brent mussberger. they say his comments
. but the number of troops to remain to help the country stay safe is still under debate. there's the possibility that the united states will pull out all troops next year. afghan president hamid karzai will meet with president obama at the white house on friday. >>> wedding bells will soon be ringing for same-sex couples at a historic church in washington, d.c. cathedral officials say the washington national cathedral will be among the first episcopal congregations to implement a new rite of marriage for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders. they will announce the new policy today. the cathedral has been used for presidential inaugural prayer services and state funerals for president reagan and president ford. >>> sciences that congress needs some pr help when your approval rating is lower than roaches. >> pathetic. the polls say the replacement rest of did a better job than congress. they were asked to compare their favorability with others. they are more popular than genghis kahn. >> what's wrong with nickelbacks? >> they can only go
to president obamas record on lgbt issues as representative of his beliefs and convictions, his policies and where he believes this country is moving and where he hopes to lead it. >> jay, can i clarify one question? >> i'll try. >> i heard you unequivocally rule out using the 14th amendment on the debt ceiling. i heard you unequivocally rule out negotiating with congress. but you did not rule out this trillion-dollar coin idea. so can i ask you just a yes or no question -- does the white house rule out the idea of minting trillion-dollar coins as a way of dealing with the debt ceiling? >> i would refer you to treasury for the specifics of this question. i can tell you that the president does not believe that there is a backup plan or a plan b or an off ramp. the only viable option here is congress to fulfill its -- is that congress fulfills its responsibility and ensures that the united states of america pay its bills, as it has always paid its bills throughout its history. >> but why will you rule out the 14th amendment and not rule out the trillion-dollar coin idea? >> again, i can te
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